Bali Backpacker's Guide


In Bali, Indonesia you will found 5 main mobile operators:

  1. Telkomsel
  2. XL Axiata
  3. Indosat Ooredoo IM3
  4. Smartfren
  5. Tri 

Every mobile operator has some different prepaid cards and every prepaid SIM card has own benefits:

  1. Telkomsel: simPATI, LOOP, Kartu As
  2. XL Axiata: XL, Axis
  3. Indosat Ooredoo IM3: Freedom
  4. Smartfren: Smartfren
  5. Tri: Tri

SIM Card by Telkomsel


SIM Card by XL Axiata


SIM Card by Indosat


SIM Card by Smarfren


SIM Card by Tri


One of them is more expensive but covers mostly all Bali and Indonesia and you will be connected (have signal) when hiking at volcano or camping somewhere further from civilization. The others SIM card will be cheaper but sometimes with delay SMS, slow internet, etc.

I recommend for backpacker using “Telkomsel” products. It has wide area coverage in Bali and Indonesia, better than others. You can SMS, Calling or use it for internet. But, the signal depend on location. If  far away from transmitter tower, you can not use for internet, just call and SMS only.

Telkomsel product


After you choose local mobile SIM card, you can put it into your smartphone or you can ask them (seller) to set up as long your smartphone not locked. After that you can use it for internet in any places in Bali.

If your internet  quote is finished, then you will need to put money to prepaid cards (“pulsa”) each time when you want to extend your internet quote. The “pulsa” amount depends on how much you want to put to prepaid cards. Usually its fixed amount – IDR 5 000, 10 000, 15 000, 25 000, 50 000 or 100 000. After you have ‘pulsa’ at your SIM card, you can use it to choose and pay the internet data package. Every internet data package has own price.

As well the “pulsa” validation depends on the telecommunication operator policy – one common validation is 1 month, others – to use till you will finish it (no matter if it will be even couple of months).



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